It is the use of Computer and technology for the purpose of designing, It is an amazing approach that uses computational methods to discover, to develop, and analyze designs to give out best manufactured product. CAD is used mainly in engineering drawing and construction architecture, it can also used for other purposes.  It is the use of Computer and technology for the purpose of designing, It is an amazing approach that uses computational methods to discover, to develop, and analyze designs to give out best manufactured product. CAD is used mainly in engineering drawing and construction architecture, it can also used for other purposes.  

who uses cadd?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • City planners
  • Graphic designers
  • Animation illustrators
  • Drafters
  • Fashion designers
  • Interior designers
  • Exterior designers
  • Game designers
  • Product designers
  • Industrial designers
  • Manufacturers

Benefits of CADD course

  • It Provides proper knowledge of  software application.
  • In the construction and architectural industries Cadd is popularly used.
  • You get knowledge to perform outstanding especially in construction industry.
  • In civil Cadd ,It helps us to prepare primary building plans in AutoCAD software so that a customer can get a walk-through view of his/her flat in the completed position, in virtual space.
  • Allows architects to render drawings using specific features.
  • It help us to remove any faults in the designs .


AutoCAD software from Autodesk was one of the first CAD software which was launched in the late 80s,  it became a very established and trusted CAD software across different industries. Even though AutoCAD is popular and widely used because other software also got launched, making AutoCAD decreased in 3d. Many users believe that although it is ideal for 2D drafting, it is not the easiest for 3 Dimensional modeling, the learning curve to master its macros and scripts is precipitous for moving beyond the simpler parts. This software is aimed for professionals with experience in programming models algorithmically. If you have that skill, you can ace it using the software AutoCAD. The 3D models prepared in AUTOCAD can be converted to STL files for 3D printing. Since 2010, AutoCAD is now available on mobile and and as a web app as well, named AutoCAD 360.

It is a 3D modeling software used in mechanical design, engineering, and in the product development. It isPublished by Dassault Systèmes, it is often used by professional 3D designers. It is a invariable featured-based model. The software includes a broad range of designing features such as design validation tools and reverse engineering. It is believed to be used for industrial designing. It is very practical and detailed software. One of its special features is that, Solidworks uses a system of NURBS. This system allows the designers to create very detailed curves. This software uses dimensional sketching so that resizing of the elements can become far less of a big hassle. Ability to import in it is limited being one of its disadvantage .

Some features including:

  • 3D objects designing and modeling.
  • Data management for products
  • Simulation and visualisation

As a popular mechanical design software with a large community of users , employers are frequently seeking job seekers with SolidWorks experience.  This 3D modeling CAD software is used heavily in the mechanical engineering and design industries. It is the industry standard for product development.This software is widely used in manufacturing, consumer products , in manufacturing ,industrial products.

Some features including:

  • Product design simulation
  • 3D solid modeling
  • Product data management.
  • Created with ease of use in mind.
  • It is Used by mechanical and electrical engineering departments.

This software is widely used amoungst the civil engineering department and  Civil 3D is a standalone software which  used by civil engineers and other professionals to plan, to design, and to manage civil engineering projects including waste water solutions , transportation, land development, and framework of the project. Job seekers with Civil 3D design experience are one of the most sought after skills for employers in the civil engineering field.It is very demanding and is a very productive software to learn.

Some features including:

  • interior and Corridor modeling
  • Planning and production.
  • Grading
  • Building Information Modeling Support
  • Surface creation tools.

Revit core function is Building information modeling, or BIM.  The need for accuracy and speed for designing the models in 3d space is quite very important to neglect any of the misconduction . . The effects of this software on real-time processes are  quite significant and impressive.

Some features  of the Revit software are 

  • Mobile app development.
  • The special advantage of plug ins.
  • Custom Revit add ins for MEP.
  • Support and custumisation in Revit.

The Fusion 360 program consists of a cloud-based software platform by Autodesk . It is primarily used for the product design for 3D modeling and CAD. The special feature of this software is its ability to work online allows the designers to come together and to collaborate on complex projects at the same time. If you want to save your design for 3D printing, with Fusion 360 you can export it in formats such as STL or OBJ and to work with Fusion 360, you should know that a paid monthly subscription is required.It is very popular and accuarate software and it is widely used amoung designers.

Creo Cad Software helps us to innovate the project so that better projects can be produced in less time with good efficiency. The Easy to use and learn software of Creo supports and takes us from the earliest stage to final and even till the manufacturing and behind.

You can combine powerful and proven functionality such as generative design, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing with new technology, and the IoT to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only Creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share . The CAD software is considered easy to learn and guides users from initial design to final product manufacture. By using the software Creo, powerful functionalities can be combined with new technologies . This allows users to benefit not only from faster iterations but also from reduced costs and improved product quality. Thus, Creo represents an optimal CAD software that ensures increased competitive advantages and market share.

It gives us the ability to not only designed the model of any product but also to get the real life behaviour of the design. This software is powered by Dassault Systèmes’  and it helps the Architects , engineers , designers and construction professionals and all contributors to design the effective models,

CATIA, powered by Dassault Systèmes’ : 

  •  An  Instinctive 3DEXPERIENCE, for both experienced and occasional users with world-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities that optimize the effectiveness of every user.

Ansys workbench is a physics-based Ansys Software, it validates the design ideas and tests its real-world scenarios, to validate the design becomes the most important aspect when it comes to the implementation of the product in the real world. Ansys workbench makes it more easier and effective to make more informed design choices by compiling all simulation data in one place.

Some of its Core features :

  • Its saves time by automatic data transfer.
  • Creates high quality designs
  • Easy data management.
  • Integrated multiple analysation within single interface.
  • More informated designs.

Maya is a professional 3D software by Autodesk for creating realistic characters and expansive worlds, complex dazzling effects. Maya has the animation toolset which brings 3d assets to life. It is used by 3D modelers, games and TV industries and live-action films, etc . Maya tools are most loved in animated movies and films.

Some of its core features :

  • From explosions to cloth simulation, creates outstanding realisticc effects .
  • Shapes 3D objects and scenes with extensive intuitive designing tools.
  • Brings life to 3D models.
  • AWARD WINNING tools.

Staad Pro is one of the most popularly used software by Civil engineers across the globe, It has more than 30 years of experience in the structural engineering field. It is easier, more flexible, and more advanced than AutoCAD and supports various types of Steel, Concrete, and Timber design codes in comparison to other CAD software, it operates more productively and delivers the most efficient 3D assets.

Its core features are :

  • It saves a lot of time. 
  • It is easier to set up and administer
  • International design standards.
  • Integrate slab and foundation designs.
  • 3D Designs for walls,  beams, columns, walls, and resisting frames.
staad pro


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