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Learn CSS Introduction

What is CSS?

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a fundamental technology used in web development to control the presentation and layout of HTML documents. It allows developers to define how HTML elements should be displayed on a web page, including their appearance, positioning, size, and more. It is used for:

Key Features of CSS:

  1. 1. Selectors:CSS allows you to select HTML elements based on various criteria such as element type, class, ID, attribute, etc. Selectors are fundamental in targeting specific elements for styling. .

  2. 2. Cascading: CSS rules can be applied in a cascading manner, meaning that multiple style sheets or style rules can be applied to the same element. The cascading nature of CSS allows for easy maintenance and organization of styles.

  3. 3. Inheritance: CSS properties can be inherited from parent elements to their child elements. This means that styles applied to a parent element can automatically apply to its descendants, reducing the need for repetitive styling.

  4. 4. Box-Model:CSS provides a box model for HTML elements, which consists of content, padding, border, and margin. This model allows precise control over the layout and spacing of elements on the page.

  5. 5. Layout: CSS offers various layout techniques such as floats, flexbox, and grid layout, which enable developers to create complex and responsive page layouts.

  6. 6. Responsive Design: With CSS, you can create responsive designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Media queries allow you to apply different styles based on factors like screen width, height, or device orientation. .

  7. 7. Typography: CSS provides extensive typographic capabilities, allowing you to control font styles, sizes, weights, spacing, and alignment. It also supports web fonts for using custom fonts in web pages. .

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